Cook’s Homecoming Sunday will be here on August 25th and we hope all of you will join us!

Sunday, August 25, will bring joyful worship, a cream-of-the-crop colorful banquet table, and the most festive fellowship anywhere to be found as we celebrate Homecoming Sunday!  One of Cook’s Memorial’s greatest ministries is extending generous hospitality.  While that may be the case on any Sunday, August 25 goes way beyond normal. 

Our summer sermon series has addressed Questions People asked Jesus.  Our focus for this occasion is: “What are five loaves and two fishes among so many?”  We don’t expect to feed five thousand, but we know there will be more than enough for everyone present.  We also trust the Holy Spirit will be circling around and within us, touching all our hearts with abundant joy as we experience how much we love each other.  May that be our witness!