“Right: BE the Rock!”
Passage: Isaiah 51:1-3; John 21:10-19
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The reference to this charcoal fire creates a parallel from the previous scene of Peter’s denial.  Mark, Luke, and John all have Peter’s denial occurring around a charcoal fire that the servants and officers had built in the inner courtyard to provide some heat on that cold evening.  First, we have a fire for warmth, now we have the aroma of a fresh cooked breakfast wafting out from the shore.  We go from fear and anxiety to feeding and compassion.

 What has it just been like for the fumbling disciples?  Confusion set in as they realize they can’t go back, and they don’t know the way forward. The story they have been living was their response to an invitation to join with Jesus in God’s mission - a mission that was not about going to heaven when we die or making converts to a set of rules. Jesus needed his disciples need to be doers..., then and now.

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