The Power of Vulnerability
Passage: Isaiah 43:16-21; John 12:1-8
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The anointing of Jesus’ feet with a perfumed oil that was worth a year’s wages gives us a powerful story.  We have the knowledge now that this anointing could have had two very different meanings.  There are two purposes for anointing in the ancient world.  One is that a person about to be anointed as King.  Roman rule included an anointing at a coronation with the support of the Court and a blessing by the priest.  The other purpose for anointing comes with death and the preparation for burial.  Could it be..., that in Mary’s listening to Jesus’ teachings, that she might have grasped his awareness that he was on the way to the cross?  Whether this anointing was a gift of purification for coronation as King, or preparation for burial, Mary has provided a profound gift for Jesus.  Either way - Mary got it, and provided the valuable anointing oil.

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