“Jesus As the Way”
Passage: Isaiah 53:1-6; John 14:6
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Those early days of marriage can be wonderful, can’t they? You’re learning more and more about the person you’re going to spend your whole life with. Yes, there are joys in those first few months of marriage. But there are also, if we’re honest, some frustrations, too. Because while you’re learning about the many wonderful facets of your spouse, you’re also learning more about their deficiencies.

Natalie no doubt learned one of mine on the way to the beach early on in our marriage. Now this was the days before GPS systems and so to get somewhere you’d never been before you’d create a list of instructions on how to get here. Turn right at so and so and left when you get to here. You know how it works. Well, on this voyage, I’d gotten mixed up along the way so we decided to stop and ask for help. We pulled over at a convenience store and thankfully, the person we inquired of knew exactly where we were going. That woman gave us detailed instructions on just how to get to where we were going.

So off we pulled onto a South Carolina highway. When we got to the first place we were supposed to turn, I asked Natalie, “Which way do we go now?”

She said something like, “Jason, you heard the instructions, didn’t you?”

It was then and there she learned something about me.

I have a terrible mind for instructions.

Tell me to do things in a certain order and I’m sure to get them jumbled, confused or forget them all together. It is for that reason that in this verse we’re about to read, I’m grateful the word “instruction” doesn’t come up at all. Hear now the Word of our Lord from the 14th chapter of the Gospel of John. “Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except by me.”  

This is the Word of God for the people of God, thanks be to God.

This week I’m beginning what’ll be a three-week sermon series on this particular verse because it opens a window in which we can learn much about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And, since I’m a Christian pastor, I really don’t think there’s a much better topic for sermons than Him. Honestly, it’s my hope that I never preach a sermon that doesn’t have Jesus front-and-center.

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