The Power of Confrontation
Passage: Genesis 15:1-7; Luke 13:31-34
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As we prepare to hear the scripture for today, let’s think about how we approach the Word.  Biblical Interpretation is a required course in just about any seminary one might choose to attend.  The formal term is exegesis, which means you are making a researched, critical interpretation of a particular text. One simply must consider the context of the writing.  Good exegetical work insures a good grade in one’s preaching class.  The opposite of that though, is “isegesis,” which is not even really a word.  But - isegesis is what we were guiltily of doing if we selected a text and gave it an interpretation according to something we wanted it to say.  Preaching professors were quick to recognize isegesis, and we were always called out for “reading into the text” something we wanted to say.  Let’s listen, and do some exegetical work to see what Luke was trying to tell us in this passage…read Luke 13:31-34.

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