Will You Let God Forgive You?
Passage: Isaiah 9:2 ; Luke 1:67-79
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“Once rendered mute on account of his doubt, the father of John is now the prophet who proclaims the fulfillment of God’s promise to Israel. His is a song of Advent, as we wait for the light that has already come and is still - yet to come.” This is a statement made by Elizabeth Webb: Episcopal theologian in St. Louis. I believe she captures the challenging paradox of our lives: We KNOW the incarnate Christ, Word made Flesh, is already immanent in the presence of the Holy Comforter, but is also yet to come in a fresh and different way as he breaks through the darkness anew just four weeks from now. What do we need to realize today, here at Cook’s Memorial Presbyterian, to more fully prepare our hearts and minds - not only to receive our Lord and Savior - but to serve as advocates of his Good News for the living of these days...?

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