“Do You Not Care About Me?”
Passage: Amos 8:1-12; Luke 10:38-42
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The Gospel of Luke is well known for stories about all of God’s children: men, women, and children.  As he recounts the parables Jesus tells about the Kingdom of Heaven, Luke includes the story about the shepherd who searches for the lost sheep, and the widow who turns her house upside down until she finds the lost coin.  Then there is the work of the farmer who plants a tiny mustard seed that grows into a large bush to house the birds, and the woman who uses the tiny portion of yeast to help the bread rise.  Today’s story happens to be about two sisters, the familiar one of Martha and Mary.  It could just as well be about two brothers.  Maybe if James was busy about completing a barn to harvest the crops before the rains came, and John was sitting at the feet of Jesus to garner all the spiritual wisdom he could while Jesus was in their midst.  So sisters or brothers, men or women, today’s story has something to say to all of us about what Jesus wants us to learn.

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