“Lord, How Shall We Pray?”
Passage: Isaiah 1:1a, 18-20; Luke 11:1-10
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“Lord: How shall we pray?” The disciples are accustomed to sitting around Jesus’s feet and learning from him. But we only have this one prayer articulated by Jesus. We hear a lot in the Bible about people praying, but there are not so many examples of actual prayers. Clearly, The Lord’s Prayer is known around the world, and can be recited in a moment’s notice by Christians anywhere. If we are praying corporately, and in a different setting, we usually slow down when it comes to saying “Debts, Trespasses, or Sins,” as different worshipping bodies use varying terms. “Sins” may be the more all-encompassing translation from the Aramaic, as that really covers everything. Regardless of the word we use, we know that we, and others, have made mistakes. Praying for forgiveness is paramount in every prayer.


Jesus’ disciples know that Jesus has a strong practice of praying, as he rises early in the morning, often to go across to another shore for some privacy. Jesus can produce a commanding prayer in times of healing, can quiet the storm, or multiply some meager morsels into enough to feed thousands, not counting the women and children, who also eat their fill with five baskets left over. So the disciples are wise in asking Jesus “How” to pray.

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